Wellington's Dream Boy



My Past Experience

I'm only 22 and lost my virginity at 18 but have still had sex with lots of different women of all ages, ethnicities, professional backgrounds and, of course, tastes. In addition, most of the sex I have had has been through working in this industry so I am very experienced when it comes to serving my clients. Below are just a few examples of the unique experiences (in addition to or over actual sex) that I have had since I first became a male escort.


This was a very interesting lady who took me for a walk while keeping her hand firmly on mine and never letting go. While it was the late afternoon we were in a secluded part of a poorer suburb in Wellington and arrived at a public pool that had closed for the day. She said she wanted to take me inside and told me to climb over the wall and assured me that there was no security. I felt a tad unsure but went along with it, climbing over the wall and then letting her in through a smaller gate. She sat on a bench and told me that she wanted me to go for a swim right then and there. I told her that I had no togs and was only wearing the old T-shirt, shorts and sandals that she had given me so couldn't swim in my undies or anything like that. She just chuckled and said, "It's called going naked hun! Please give me your clothes, jump in and swim to the end and back." I did what I was told and when I swam back she told me to get out. I couldn't see my clothes in her hands anymore and asked where they were and she just laughed and said a gust of wind had blown them away. Then she said she was only joking (as if anyone would believe that!) and said she had thrown them over the wall. She then thoroughly enjoyed watching me having to climb over, get them and get dressed again.


I will never forget this lady. She had a huge house and was alone. As soon as I arrived she told me to completely strip, turn around and close my eyes for a minute. As I stood there temporarily blind she took my clothes, locked them up in a safe and led me to her bedroom. As soon as I got there she led me into her huge walk-in-wardrobe and showed me all she had - which was a lot! We spent most of the night there as she first shaved my legs, put some make-up on me and had me try on various dresses of hers and walk around in them - all with no undergarments. Eventually, when she found one which she thought suited me best, she invited over a couple of close friends to come and check me out and all rate me. I admit that this night ended up being more fun than I thought it would and really enjoyed being the centre of attention.


This is one experience I will never forget! A lady and three of her friends either read this somewhere or even made it up and planned it well. Once I walked in the house they asked if I was okay with peeing and golden showers. I told them that I was (even though I had never actually done it before). They then took me to a conservatory in the back and made me lie down on a single bed and tied me down to it while sitting up a bit with a couple of pillows under my back. I noticed a lot of towels on the floor around the bed. They then had one of those large water tanks found on top of office coolers but with a straw leading out of it and told me that I would gradually but not slowly drink out of it when they started a timer and that I would keep drinking until I peed myself, and that if I stopped drinking for over five seconds I would get tickled by them. The timer started and so did I with the drinking. I saw them all making bets on how long I would go for until I peed myself. I was actually fine with the first couple of litres but it got harder after that and I even noticed my stomach starting to rise. They just loved watching me squirm and try to hold it in. Eventually I couldn't hold it any longer and let it all go in a LONG STREAM OF GLEAMING GOLD. They all watched in anticipation and silence. Then the host grabbed my dick and directed the spray to my face, which made them all laugh. This job was a bit weird but they all loved me and thanked me so much for such a good time!